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The most advanced Enterprise-Class threat protection available, now offered for small businesses.
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WCA Technologies’ Advanced Threat Protection solution utilizes multiple sophisticated detection engines and a diverse set of threat intelligence sources to protect your organization from malware, spam, phishing, targeted attacks, and more — now delivered as a 100% cloud-based service.

Some of the many advantages of WCA’s Advanced Threat Protection solution include:

Impersonation Protect

Provides real-time scanning of all inbound emails to detect header anomalies, domain similarity, recency of the sending domain, sender spoofing, suspicious body content – including “spear phishing” and “whaling” – and more. The administrator controls the handling of emails, from discarding to quarantining to warning the receiver of their threat and level of suspicion.

URL Protect

Delivers protection from malicious URLs and file attachments on and off the enterprise network with every click, from any device. Third-party proprietary threat intelligence and analytics assesses the URLs. Dynamic and customizable user education to increase employees’ level of caution and awareness of potential threat environments.

Internal Email Protect

Combats internal email threats — helping organizations inspect internally-generated emails for malicious links, files, or sensitive content, and prevents the spread of attacks and data leaks. Internal Email Protect allows administrators to monitor, detect, and remediate threats originating from within the company’s email system. Single administration console for easy reporting, configuration, and management.

Attachment Protect – 3 Secure Methods

  • Safe File Conversion – Converts Office and PDF files to a safe file format for immediate delivery to employees. Employees can then request the original file and have it scanned on-demand before delivery, saving time, frustration, and money.
  • Static File Analysis – Evaluates files for packing, abnormal code, embedded suspicious objects, and many other factors, without executing it, to determine if the file shows traits consistent with malware. Files can either be passed, blocked, or routed to the Sandbox for further analysis.
  • Sandboxing – Provides a fully-emulated, virtualized environment in which to carefully analyze suspect files before introducing them to the organization’s network.

Secure Email Gateway

Going well beyond cloud-based anti-virus and anti-spam protection, offers DNS authentication, protection against impersonation, and a full-service Security Operations Center (SOC) delivering day-to-day email security services, continuous monitoring of threats across billions of emails a month globally, and rapid application updates.

Anti-spam and anti-virus services were once thought to keep an organization safe from email-borne attacks. Today, the stakes are much higher. New, resilient security products are necessary to anticipate today’s security threats. Sixty percent of inbound email is spam or contains commodity malware. Solely preventing the traffic of these emails would leave organizations exposed to more sophisticated and targeted attacks. At WCA Technologies, we help businesses determine the security tools that are essential to fit their business security needs.

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