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Safeguards you and your business against Brute-Force attacks.
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What is Two-Factor Authentication and how does it protect your business?

Two-Factor Authentication (also known as Multi-Factor Authentication) is a method of login or signing-in to an application that requires more than one verification method, and adds additional layers of security.

At WCA Technologies, we offer the deployment of two-factor authentication, which prevents unauthorized access of your systems, applications, and data by requiring two different methods to verify a user’s identity. This solution safeguards against password brute-force attacks, and keeps login details safe and secure from cyber-attacks.

Here are several of the secure authentication methods we offer:

Universal 2nd Factor (U2F)

Allows users to tap a USB device to log into their accounts securely. The device protects private keys with a tamper-proof secure element (SE).

Phone Callback

Not a fan of texts? No problem! This software is programmed to call your cell phone, landline, or car phone. Customers answer the call and press a key to authenticate.


This mobile application provides businesses and third-party sites with time-based, one-time generated, temporary passcodes that work for a short period — typically 30 – 60 seconds.

SMS Passcodes

Users without Internet connectivity or smartphones can still authenticate their SMS (short message service) passcode after completing primary authentication. Once they do, they’ll receive a one-time passcode via SMS.

Push Notifications

This component offers two-factor push notifications to users’ phones for fast and secure access. After logging-in with a username and password, an authentication prompt pops-up requesting users’ approval, and within seconds push notifications allow users access to their applications securely.

WCA Technologies believes that implementing Multi-Factor Authentication across an organization’s Internet-facing assets is one of the most effective ways to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Multi-Factor Authentication, when implemented correctly, can be used to safeguard often overlooked points of authentication, such as email and business applications.

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