Stay connected with your clients from anywhere.

Communications and messaging is a critical part of your business’s success. The right communications and messaging tools allow you to work from anywhere, at anytime. These tools also form the foundation of your business’ Disaster Recovery plan.

WCA Technologies offers a variety of options for communications and messaging, depending on your business’ needs. These solutions include:

Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook are the de facto standard in offices across the country, providing email, contacts, and both personal and shared calendars on PCs and mobile devices. Microsoft Office 365 puts all of this — and much more — into the hands of small-to-medium size businesses anywhere in the world. Let WCA Technologies show you how to gain increased productivity through the use of these tools.

Spam Filtering

Nearly 80% of emails sent worldwide are spam. A survey commissioned by McAfee states that 49% of Americans spend more than 40 minutes per week deleting spam, with 14% reporting they spend as much as three and a half hours a week — or 7.5 days per year — on this task. WCA Technologies’ spam filtering solutions increase productivity by proactively isolating spam and other unwanted emails, easily paying for themselves by reducing wasted time.

Mobile Device Integration

Many industries are seeing a tremendous increase in BYOD (bring your own device) technology in the workplace. According to a study by IBM, 82% of employees believe that smartphones play a critical role in business. In conjunction with your mail server, WCA Technologies provides IT support for mobile phones and tablets, allowing you to stay connected from anywhere while using devices that you and your employees are most comfortable with.

For more information on our communications and messaging solutions, call Peter Fidler at 212-642-0980 or email