Lower your technology costs through virtualization.

WCA’s expert staff is skilled at implementing and maintaining server virtualization and integration solutions.

Server virtualization and integration provides numerous benefits. Among the most advantageous to small-to-medium size businesses are:

  • The ability to reduce the number of physical servers in the office environment, thereby reducing power, cooling, and maintenance costs;
  • The ability to reduce physical space consumption, thereby improving space utilization efficiency;
  • The ability to prevent application failures from impacting other applications by keeping each on its own “virtual” machine;
  • The ability to extend the life of legacy business applications;
  • The ability to utilize multiple operating systems on a single hardware platform.

In addition to server virtualization and integration, WCA Technologies is also skilled at deploying Citrix XenApp®, an on-demand application delivery solution that enables any Windows® application to be virtualized, centralized, managed in a data center, and instantly deliver service to users anywhere on any device.

XenServer® is also available, designed for efficient management of Windows® and Linux® virtual servers and offering cost-effective server consolidation and business continuity.

For more information on our server virtualization and integration solutions, call Peter Fidler at 212-642-0980 or email PFidler@WCATech.com.