Virtual CTO Services

Struggling with direction in your IT department?
Unsure which technology fits your needs and will drive the business forward?

At WCA Technologies, we offer virtual CTO services, enabling you to outsource the role of Chief Technology Officer.

We enable you to leverage technology that allows you to compete without the costs of hiring an in-house CTO.

Exploring Our Virtual Chief Technology Officers Services

A CTO provides critical guidance and insight for organizations, allowing them to chart a path forward through often-confusing technological options. Our virtual CTO services are designed to replicate the advantages of having an in-house CTO without the need to hire another C-suite member.

A Deep Understanding of Your Organization

We maintain a deep, current understanding of your business, its needs, the current IT environment, and your strategic goals. We then leverage our experience, expertise, and industry insight to translate those needs and requirements into services and products that improve efficiency, increase the speed and accuracy of communication, enable improved data warehousing and management, and more.

Experts on Call

With our virtual CTO services, you can benefit from our expert principal-level consulting on business, technical, and IT security matters. This enables our clients to make informed, accurate decisions in near-real-time with confidence.

Continuing Insight

The IT world continues to evolve faster and faster. New technologies emerge with increasing regularity, making it ever-more challenging for organizations to choose the right path forward. We remain knowledgeable of market and industry trends, as well as your competitors, and leading client strategies to ensure that you have the guidance necessary to achieve success.

Roadmaps and Budgets

Unsure how to get from where you are now to where you want to be? Struggling to create an accurate budget for technology-related concerns? Our experts can create strategic plans (roadmaps) and budgets to suit virtually any need in any industry.

Collaboration and Planning

Technology is not the sole province of IT. It affects every department within your organization in varying ways. We collaborate with the appropriate departments to develop and maintain a technology plan that supports your needs and ensures you’re able to key milestones.

Trend Identification

We work with you to identify trends and develop strategies to support those trends across your organization and in client/customer-facing situations.

Incident Response Plans and Disaster Recovery

From natural disasters to data breaches, today’s organizations must be prepared for almost anything. We create incident response plans, disaster recovery plans, and policy management solutions to fit any need and ensure that your organization is protected, your data safeguarded, and that you comply with industry rules and government regulations.

Vendor Management

It can be challenging to choose the right technology vendors and then manage communications and relationships. It becomes even more complicated when vendor offerings are interdependent. We offer vendor management to help ensure that you’re working with the right technology vendors and fully leveraging their offerings.

Asset Management and Reporting

How many IT assets does your organization own? Where are unused assets stored? Could any assets be used in smarter ways? How is maintenance being handled? What about warranties with OEMs and third-party support providers? We offer expert asset management and in-depth reporting to improve decision-making, enhance asset performance and lifespan, and maximize ROI while driving down the total cost of ownership.

Compliance Auditing

Compliance with industry rules and government regulations is vital but challenging. We assist in compliance audits as necessary to ensure that your organization is fully in line with requirements.

Getting Started

Ready to experience the difference that WCA Technologies’ virtual CTO services can make for your organization? The first step is an interview with senior management. During this time, we thoroughly explore your organization, its challenges, and your business goals.

After the interview, we assess your existing infrastructure and office environment, including remote locations. Based on this assessment, we build an accurate picture of where your business stands in relation to where it should be and where you want to go.

We will provide an initial risk assessment of your business and technology to establish a baseline based on the NIST 2.0 framework. This baseline acts as the foundation for improvement and growth strategies, ensuring accurate decisions.

We also perform an in-depth risk analysis, identify gaps, and assign priorities to mitigate the risks you face. These include cybersecurity risks, but also others that often plague organizations today, including skills gaps in your workforce, technology gaps between you and your competitors, and more.

Finally, we take inventory of your IT environment, including hardware, software, and cloud services. Based on this inventory, we can create an accurate strategy moving forward that ensures strategic IT growth and development that supports cross-departmental success and ensures your business can reach key goals.

For more information on our Virtual CTO (VCTO) solutions, call Peter Fidler at 212-642-0980 or email