WCA Technologies, Inc. recommends and installs hardware and software that meet the highest standards of quality and security. Vulnerabilities will be discovered that will include new types of exploits after the installation, implementation or release of the installed product.

WCA Technologies, Inc. is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our own environment as well as our customers. We take every vulnerability very seriously and we are committed to resolve issues in a timely manner to quickly mitigate associated risks.

Vulnerability Defined

A vulnerability is a weakness or security flaw found in a product or related component that which would allow an attacker to compromise the integrity of the product. This may also undermine the normal behavior of the product even if it is deployed in supported configuration.

Any suspected vulnerabilities should be reported to WCA Technologies, Inc. either via email at Support@wcatech.com or by calling WCA Technologies, Inc. Support at 347-921-9820.