Tech for Good: Can Technology Help Save the Planet? Today, our customers and clients are increasingly aware of the way
Entertainment is big business today, and creating an immersive experience is something all sorts of developers are working toward. One
Ambient computing (sometimes called ubiquitous computing) refers to technologies that let people use computers without being aware they are doing
Data – it’s your single most valuable business asset. With the right data, you can make informed decisions. You can
In previous articles, we’ve discussed phishing and ransomware and how they can wreak havoc on your firm, clients, and employees.
Cloud computing might have seemed just another trend when it was in its infancy. Many expected it to be popular
There are a lot of marketing trends emerging as we begin 2022, such as artificial intelligence and the use of
As a small or medium-sized business, you’re likely hustling to grow and engage new customers. This can be challenging, especially
Who Benefits from Remote Teamwork? Even before COVID-19 was a part of life, remote teamwork was becoming more common for
Many businesses have been in maintenance mode for over a year as a result of the pandemic. Looking forward to
You’ve taken many steps to mitigate security risks for your organization. From using firewalls to ensuring that patches and updates
The digital revolution is in full swing, making its mark on all industries. The legal industry is certainly no exception.
Building a trusted partner relationship with another company is essential to maximizing your firm's strength. This is true of relationships
WCA Technologies President, Peter Fidler, talks with Vijilan's Security Team Lead, Vincent D. Cosomano, in this exclusive one-to-one conversation on
If your organization has not yet experienced a cybersecurity event, it’s only a question of time. Size, industry, niche –
Data security has become more important than ever. Information is more valuable than money to today’s attackers, and they will
Office365 - A Central Role in Your Business Chances are good that Microsoft Office365 plays a central role in your
A New Webinar from Circle Management Group and WCA Technologies On October 1st, learn about best practice for law firms
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere around us today. From Siri and Alexa, to Amazon and everything in between, we now
[This webinar has already ended, however you can view the complete webinar recording here.] The risk of cyber-attacks skyrocketed when
Cybersecurity is an important consideration for all industries today. That’s blatantly apparent in some instances – credit card companies and
Proper governance is more important today than ever before. This is particularly true for large firms, including law firms. It
Our Incident Response Plan is currently in effect If you need any assistance whatsoever accessing your systems remotely or maintaining
As digital technology has proliferated, we’ve moved closer to a universal digital workplace. This has resulted in significant security challenges
Unless you’ve been living under that proverbial rock, you’ve at least heard of blockchain. It’s the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies
It seems like software is taking on a larger and larger role within the legal industry. That is good news,
Discovery is one of the most critical elements in any case, whether we’re discussing a criminal court case, civil litigation,
Data plays a central role in law firms today, although you must do more than scratch the surface to see
You usually do not encounter a discussion of artificial intelligence without machine learning being mentioned. While AI is incredibly interesting,
In the past, it was enough that law firms met client expectations. If this goal was achieved, the client would
Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have changed the way that people communicate, how businesses advertise, influenced the
At first glance, the legal field doesn’t seem as replete with technology as other industries. However, technology is just as
Cloud connectivity and mobile computing offer benefits to just about every industry on the planet. No doubt you’ve heard about
Technology is radically changing the world in which we live. The legal industry has traditionally been slow to adopt new
Traditionally, law firms are locked in place. You are able to serve clients in your specific geographic area, but there
Performance measurement is an important metric for many businesses, but it has traditionally carried less import for law firms. However,
Should small-to-midsize organizations outsource IT? As a small to midsize company grows, the need for a dedicated IT person becomes
In order for any law firm to be successful, it must be able to change and evolve over time. We
Despite the fact that your business has in-house legal expertise, there will likely come a time when it’s necessary to
Mobile computing and cloud technology have had an incredible impact on human society. That includes the legal industry, where agile
Can AI be used by today’s law firms? Absolutely. In fact, the argument can be made that any law firm
The process of dispute resolution has not really changed over the course of human history. It is still the process
Digital evolution has brought a wide range of benefits to law firms. It is now commonplace to use video meetings
Edge computing is relatively new, but it has become very important in that short period of time. This type of
Each October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and in 2019, it will be going into its 16th year. This collaboration
Business to business platforms, or B2B as it is commonly abbreviated, have been around for some time. However, because of
Machine learning is a data analysis method that is a type of artificial intelligence. It is based on the theory
You want your customers to be happy, because you know that happy customers will mean that they are more apt
  If you are like just about everyone else in the country, you have been victim to automated voice calls
Quite a bit has been written about optimizing workspaces in the physical world, but it is important to remember that
Today, there are many small and mid-sized companies that are considering working with an MSP, or managed service provider, to
When you are running a business, regardless of the size, you want to be sure that you are able to
The concept of digital twin technology has been growing more prominent in the tech field over the last couple of
Algorithms already control a substantial amount of what people do in their lives, and this could be expanding in the
If you have been paying attention to technology innovations over the past several years, you have probably heard quite a
Are you considering cloud computing? There are some great products for the cloud from Cisco that are capable of covering
People often joke about robots taking over the world one day, but those jokes have inched closer and closer to
Managed service providers (MSPs) have begun to expand their offerings and the role they play in businesses over the course
If you have always wanted to work from home rather than commuting into the office five or six days of
Processing natural language in computers has an entire field of study dedicated to it. This field, called Natural Language Processing
The Network of Things, or "NoT", is also sometimes called the Internet of Things, or "IoT" — both names are
Through the use of hardware and software, as well as a quality network connection, it is possible to automate a
Wouldn’t it be nice if your business could utilize behavior prediction — the ability to predict what your customers and clients
Digital workspaces are where most people today spend a good chunk of their time. Therefore, it makes sense that you
Introduction to the Dark Web The web, or Internet Web, is made-up of three (3) distinct areas, and it is
Datto, Inc. is a cybersecurity and data backup company that has been in business for more than a decade. The
The Internet is a very dangerous place, and it seems like there are new threats that are cropping up all
Over the past several years, more and more companies are moving their data and information to the cloud. Here are
Running a business is a balancing act, and key leaders often wear multiple hats — managing ballooning to-do lists with
New York, NY (November 2018) – WCA Technologies, a leading provider of IT Support, IT Consulting, and IT Managed Services
Major security breaches make news headlines, however SMBs know that being smaller does not provide adequate protection from those threats.
Headlines featuring artificial intelligence highlight self-driving cars, chatbots and computers with the ability to write content. The progression of artificial
New York, NY (September 2018) - Since receiving the Microsoft “up-and-coming partner” honor last year, WCA Technologies continues to offer
New York, NY (September 2018) - WCA Technologies and Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an Amazon.com company (NASDAQ: AMZN), is now
Why Data Management and Data Governance Are Critical to SMBs Data is critical to all parts of an organization, everything
  Technology Is Key When Facing Strict Compliance Regulations Most industries are facing strict compliance regulations; however, some industries have
Are You Prepared for Digital and Mobile Risks? Business no longer happens at a specific place; it’s happening everywhere. Are
The ancient philosopher, Maimonides, is credited with saying: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach
Moving From Excess to Efficiency: How an MSP Can Maximize Efficiency for Your Business SMBs today must be faster, more
Five unexpected ways that technology can boost productivity The quest to increase productivity is an old problem, but today the
I just want to know, why did we get hacked? I met a successful lawyer recently who was upset because
Barriers to Cloud Migration The adoption of cloud-based technologies has rapidly increased over the past few years, and for good
The adoption of cloud technology is growing with all businesses, but especially with small and midsize businesses. Already, 37 percent of SMBs
Owners of small and medium-size businesses know that having a disaster recovery plan is critical to success, yet many are
10th Annual MSP 501 Ranking and Study Identifies World’s Most Progressive MSPs in Information Technology June 22, 2017: WCA Technologies, Inc.
Martin Shenkman, Esq., Jonathan Blattmachr, Esq., and Peter Fidler discuss Technology, Ethics, and Estate Planning Practice Management in this webinar
How many cloud vendors do you currently use? If the answer is more than one, you may have a huge
On Thursday May 11th at 9:30am, WCA Technologies, LiveTiles, and SoHo Dragon will host a technologies breakfast event where the eggs won’t
Microsoft Office 365 has many benefits, including business resiliency, security, and anytime, anywhere access for remote employees. Another key benefit
Are you hiring? Should you worry about clicking on an attachment of a job candidate because it might contain a
Adopting cloud is a strong trend for companies of all sizes and industries. In fact, these types of services are capturing
Having trouble with your internet connection today? Is your Nest thermostat acting up?  Can't access Quora, Sailthru, Businss Inside, Giphy,
Most small to midsize businesses are savvy when it comes to PC security. However, with the rapid growth of mobile
If you want to test a company, see what they do in the midst of growth. Some buckle, while others
We dare you to confirm your company is secure in the 7 most vulnerable areas hackers seek to breech. Don’t
Internal Resources vs. External Partner — Which is Best? The IT network is critical to business success. And if you’re
MSPs Help Boost Productivity for Educational Institutions Educational institutions struggle with many challenges, among which are meeting rising expectations while
Nonprofits struggle with a variety of challenges, and one that is universal is maximizing the use of existing resources. Nonprofits
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Peter Fidler Phone: 212-642-0980 Email: pfidler@wcatech.com NEW YORK — August 15, 2016 — WCA Technologies, an
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Peter Fidler Phone: 212-642-0980 Email: pfidler@wcatech.com NEW YORK — August 11, 2016 — WCA Technologies, an
This is really a bummer: AT&T reported that it is likely your organization has had a security breach during the
People say Willie Sutton used to rob banks "because that's where the money is." When it comes to your business,
The ancient philosopher, Maimonides, is credited with saying: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;
Enterprises are adopting cloud technology at a growing pace. In fact, a recent LinkedIn Cloud Security Spotlight report, which contains insights
5 Ways Your Competitors Are Using Collaboration to Get Ahead Despite recent technology advances, many employees today still work in
Must-Ask Questions for a New IT Provider IT support is a critical part of your business. And whether you’ve been
Small business owners and their employees are juggling many tasks. As a result, IT-related functions often rest on the shoulders
Password Security: Is Storing My Password in the Browser Safe? Over half of U.S. adults have at least six password-protected
Every successful small-to-medium-size business has goals — perhaps it’s a revenue goal, a milestone for growth, or other efficiency measures.
New York nonprofits benefit by teaming-up with IT support specialists As a nonprofit, you’re likely working diligently to engage and
Your law firm is busy, and the daily to-do list probably feels longer than ever before. Adding to this challenge
Managed Services: Partnering With a New York City IT Company Technology problems are frustrating because they not only waste valuable
What is “On-Demand IT Support”? Imagine this scenario: It’s 4 p.m. and the proposal you’re working on is due by the
Desktop Virtualization and Citrix Remote Access The workplace as we know it has changed. An annual survey conducted by the
Business Continuity: Are You Prepared? Companies are increasingly dependent on technology, which is making the need for business continuity higher
Regardless of the business you are in, you’re likely seeking solutions for higher efficiency and increased productivity. For this reason,
It’s undeniable that we’re in the middle of a digital data explosion. In fact, the production of data is expanding
Reclaim Lost Billable Hours and Drive Profitability Higher with Sage Timeslips Most service providers will agree that billable hours are
Practice Management: Are You Capturing All Your Billable Hours? For many practices, billable hours are among their most valuable resources.
Have you ever experienced a moment of panic when you lost an important file or your computer died unexpectedly? If
Secure Collaboration Just Got Easier! Your employees and clients are often working in multiple locations across the country, and even
More Than 50 Percent of Companies Are Moving to the Cloud — Is It Right for Your Business? Are you
In business and in your personal life, you likely use the Internet every day to get things done. And like
Whether you’re a small company, mid-size company or large company – one thing remains the same: tech support is important.
2014 has arrived. And for many companies, it’s all about having a productive and successful year, without spending a small
IE 11 Headaches? The Quick Fix to your Problems… In theory, updates are fast, easy, and make your computer operate