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Advantages of Cloud-Based Services for SMBs

Cloud computing might have seemed just another trend when it was in its infancy. Many expected it to be popular for a while before disappearing from the landscape of business. Thankfully, that hasn’t occurred. Instead, all sorts of businesses, including SMBs, have started using this technology and reaping the benefits it offers. The advantages of […]

How Cloud and Mobile Computing Benefit Law Firms

Cloud connectivity and mobile computing offer benefits to just about every industry on the planet. No doubt you’ve heard about how the cloud can help retailers connect with their customers, and how mobile computing can help consumers enjoy better experiences. However, do these technologies have any benefits for law firms? Actually, there are quite a […]

Great Products for the Cloud from Cisco

Are you considering cloud computing? There are some great products for the cloud from Cisco that are capable of covering a wide range of needs for companies of varying sizes. Whether it is networking, analytics, management, or security, you will find some great options available that might be worthwhile to bring to your company. Let’s […]

5 Major Barriers to Cloud Migration and How to Overcome Them

Barriers to Cloud Migration The adoption of cloud-based technologies has rapidly increased over the past few years, and for good reason. Eighty percent of businesses that migrate to the cloud report significant improvements within the first six months. But despite this fact, many companies are still unsure if the benefits of cloud are right for […]

7 Powerful Tasks That SMBs Can Do Better in the Cloud

The adoption of cloud technology is growing with all businesses, but especially with small and midsize businesses. Already, 37 percent of SMBs have adopted this technology, but what’s more, adoption is forecasted to reach 80 percent by 2020. Lower cost, flexibility and increased collaboration are all top reasons for adoption, but specific applications grant powerful capabilities to […]

5 Ways That Cloud Solutions Modernize Your IT Environment

Adopting cloud is a strong trend for companies of all sizes and industries. In fact, these types of services are capturing billions in revenue worldwide, as adoption has grown by 16 percent over the previous five years. This growth includes small and medium-size businesses, yet why are so many embracing the cloud? The answer is simple: modernization. Cloud […]

Azure Cloud Apps

Enterprises are adopting cloud technology at a growing pace. In fact, a recent LinkedIn Cloud Security Spotlight report, which contains insights from over 250,000 respondents, found that 71 percent of respondents are planning to or have already implemented a cloud environment. When seeking opportunities to migrate to the cloud, one area of opportunity is cloud apps. […]