5 Ways That Cloud Solutions Modernize Your IT Environment

Adopting cloud is a strong trend for companies of all sizes and industries. In fact, these types of services are capturing billions in revenue worldwide, as adoption has grown by 16 percent over the previous five years. This growth includes small and medium-size businesses, yet why are so many embracing the cloud?

The answer is simple: modernization.

Cloud helps SMBs modernize their IT environments and build infrastructures that are more resilient and reliable.

Here are five more ways that cloud services are helping SMBs to modernize their IT environment:

Reducing the cost of aging infrastructure. On-premises infrastructure can become expensive to operate and upgrade. As a result, many companies carefully weigh the cost of that next upgrade with cloud-based alternatives and often find worthwhile savings and benefits.

Capturing greater reliability of services. The cloud helps companies deploy more robust and reliable solutions, which provide greater business continuity. For example, if an unexpected event occurs, you can easily operate via cloud applications from various off-site locations, helping you to serve customers more efficiently and minimize lost revenue.

Security and compliance. Migrating to the cloud can help companies tap into security resources and tools that would otherwise be expensive to operate and deploy on the premises. These resources can include better encryption, backups and disaster recovery. Plus, you can avoid problems that come with storing data on laptops (e.g., lost and stolen devices). Instead, sensitive data is stored safely in the cloud.

Increased flexibility. Cloud helps businesses easily handle additional growth. It’s simple to scale up capabilities by pulling from the cloud’s remote severs for additional resources. When a business must scale back, that is possible as well. As a result, you’re using – and paying for – only the resources that you actually need, which helps manage costs more efficiently.

Greater collaboration. In addition to greater business continuity, businesses modernizing their environments through cloud provide employees with greater flexibility and the ability to collaborate with ease. Employees can generally use cloud anywhere with an Internet connection, using a variety of devices.

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