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Does AI Pose a Risk to My Business?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere around us today. From Siri and Alexa, to Amazon and everything in between, we now live in a world increasingly powered by algorithms. In most cases, that’s a good thing — using Siri can make it simpler and easier to plan your day and even to run your household, for […]

Artificial Intelligence and Law Firms

Can AI be used by today’s law firms? Absolutely. In fact, the argument can be made that any law firm not already making use of the capabilities and benefits delivered by artificial intelligence has already fallen by the wayside. However, before we can discuss that, we’ll need to know a few other things. What Is […]

Growth of Robotics in Small Business

People often joke about robots taking over the world one day, but those jokes have inched closer and closer to reality over the course of the past few decades as the growth of robotics in small business really takes off. While we likely won’t have to deal with Terminator-style robots anytime soon, there have been changes […]

Can Computers Understand Natural Language?

Processing natural language in computers has an entire field of study dedicated to it. This field, called Natural Language Processing (NLP), works to explore the interaction between human language and computers. Essentially, this is a method for computers to begin to analyze and understand human language. Even more impressive is the ability for computers to […]

Artificial Intelligence – 5 Uses for SMBs

Headlines featuring artificial intelligence highlight self-driving cars, chatbots and computers with the ability to write content. The progression of artificial intelligence and its uses leaves many small and medium-sized businesses wondering: Is AI right for businesses of all sizes? Artificial intelligence has many applications, and some of those applications are being applied to SMBs to […]