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Aligning Business Goals with Technology

aligning business goals with technology

Business goals and technological solutions are closely intertwined. Aligning business goals with technology is an essential focus of every successful business. For small, scaling businesses, technology is the key to growing in a way that’s efficient and sustainable. These solutions include those that cover: Security Customer relationships Branding and marketing Computing Collaboration Outsourcing, including CIO […]

Can Technology Help Save the Planet?

Tech for Good: Can Technology Help Save the Planet? Today, our customers and clients are increasingly aware of the way the things they use work. As a result, people expect the companies they do business with to find ways to create more sustainable products and practices. It seems as though everyone wants to do good […]

Technology and Personalization

There are a lot of marketing trends emerging as we begin 2022, such as artificial intelligence and the use of Big Data. However, even as you make changes and adapt to new technologies in your firm’s marketing, there remains one thing which should never be forgotten: the key to exceptional marketing continues to come down […]

The Most Important Policies and Procedures to Implement in Your Organization Now

You’ve taken many steps to mitigate security risks for your organization. From using firewalls to ensuring that patches and updates are done on time and that antivirus software is running on all workstations, these steps help to prevent attacks and malicious software. But what are the most important policies and procedures to implement in your […]

How Does Technology Impact Legal Strategy?

At first glance, the legal field doesn’t seem as replete with technology as other industries. However, technology is just as present here as it is anywhere else, and it is having major impacts on legal strategy and other areas. Discovery/E-Discovery One of the more visible ways that technology is affecting legal strategy and other areas […]

How Can Technology Assist in Preparing Legal Arguments?

Technology is radically changing the world in which we live. The legal industry has traditionally been slow to adopt new technology, this area is being changed, and the pace of that change is accelerating. For instance, today technology can actually play a role in preparing legal arguments. It is unlikely that AI will replace attorneys; […]

What Technology Trends Are Present in Dispute Resolution?

The process of dispute resolution has not really changed over the course of human history. It is still the process of finding a solution to a problem or challenge that arises between two or more parties. However, the tools, techniques, and technologies involved have changed and will continue to do so. Currently, there are several […]