Monthly Archives: March 2019

Can Computers Understand Natural Language?

Processing natural language in computers has an entire field of study dedicated to it. This field, called Natural Language Processing (NLP), works to explore the interaction between human language and computers. Essentially, this is a method for computers to begin to analyze and understand human language. Even more impressive is the ability for computers to […]

What is the Network of Things?

The Network of Things, or “NoT”, is also sometimes called the Internet of Things, or “IoT” — both names are valid. The NoT is a group of devices all having connectivity to the web — you can think of printers and computers, for example. But in recent years, the NoT has grown to include a […]

Biggest Benefits of Office Process Automation

Through the use of hardware and software, as well as a quality network connection, it is possible to automate a wide range of office processes today. With office process automation, companies large and small can enjoy a range of benefits. Some of the common areas that tend to be automated include inventory management, email, accounting, […]