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Post-Pandemic Goal Setting

Many businesses have been in maintenance mode for over a year as a result of the pandemic. Looking forward to 2022 brings visions of solid growth and a host of new services and products. It’s hard to say what trends we will see among small and medium-sized businesses, law firms, and not-for-profits as we move into […]

Do Law Firms Have Unique Security Requirements?

Cybersecurity is an important consideration for all industries today. That’s blatantly apparent in some instances – credit card companies and retailers that handle consumer financial information are routinely targeted by hackers, for instance. However, what about law firms? Do law firms have unique security requirements that entail specific solutions? Actually, they do. Unique IT Security […]

NetDocuments Solves Law Firm Governance Requirements

Proper governance is more important today than ever before. This is particularly true for large firms, including law firms. It is essential that the corporate governance structure is robust, and that the appropriate checks and balances are built in to ensure oversight and protection against fraud and abuse. NetDocuments helps to solve challenging law firm […]

Does Performance Measurement Matter for Law Firms?

Performance measurement is an important metric for many businesses, but it has traditionally carried less import for law firms. However, that is changing, thanks to new technology. Today’s law firms must be able to measure performance in a wide range of ways and for a number of different reasons, ranging from in-house bench marking and […]

Are Analytics Useful in Selecting Outside Counsel?

Despite the fact that your business has in-house legal expertise, there will likely come a time when it’s necessary to select outside counsel. This can be a very challenging process. Too often, the decision is made based on guesswork, or because one particular law firm was more affordable than another, with little thought given to […]

What Opportunities Does Cybersecurity Bring?

Digital evolution has brought a wide range of benefits to law firms. It is now commonplace to use video meetings to reduce travel time. Attorneys on different sides of the country can collaborate digitally. Evidence-gathering and even juror vetting have improved thanks to social media. However, not all changes related to digital technology are positive. […]