NetDocuments Solves Law Firm Governance Requirements

NetDocuments Helps Solve Governance Requirements for Law Firms

Proper governance is more important today than ever before. This is particularly true for large firms, including law firms. It is essential that the corporate governance structure is robust, and that the appropriate checks and balances are built in to ensure oversight and protection against fraud and abuse. NetDocuments helps to solve challenging law firm governance requirements in a wide range of ways.

Why Do Governance Requirements Matter?

As a law firm, you are bound by many of the same mandates as your clients. While governance requirements may not apply directly to your organization, they do apply to your client’s, and their interactions with your firm. If you are unable to comply with those issues, it puts your clients in jeopardy. It is essential that you are able to create a single source of truth for important documents and communications that meet compliance and governance demands as applied to your clients.

Digital Work Space

The digital revolution has finally arrived for law firms, and digital workplaces are now becoming the norm. This is good news, as it helps ensure that innovation and collaboration are more than just trendy buzzwords in your website copy. With a digital work space, you’re able to keep documents and communications organized around specific clients, ensuring ease of access and ongoing record keeping. It also fosters improved organization and information flow across your entire firm.

The Information You Need Now

How much time to the earners in your law firm spend searching for critical information? Chances are good it’s quite a lot. With NetDocuments, the built-in enterprise search helps to reduce that to a fraction of what was required previously. Earners are able to quickly and easily find the data they need through a brief, global search that pulls relevant information from the system, assisted by one of the most robust AIs in the industry.

Compliance, Compliance, Compliance

One of the most challenging governance requirements for law firms is the ability to comply with the various rules and regulations today. From SOX to Dodd-Frank to CCPA and even GDPR, there are many potential rules and standards that you must contend with. NetDocuments helps ensure compliance, so you spend less time and money struggling to meet mandates.

Spend Less Time on Tedious Tasks

Finally, NetDocuments offers powerful features that help to reduce the amount of time earners spend on tedious yet important tasks. For instance, predictive email filing helps ensure that earners in your firm are able to focus on serving clients, rather than on mundane duties.

In Conclusion

NetDocuments offers a broad range of tools, features, and capabilities. Ultimately, it allows you to handle law firm governance requirements while freeing up time for your team to do what they do best.

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