How Social Media Impacts Law Firms

How Social Media Impacts Law Firms

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have changed the way that people communicate, how businesses advertise, influenced the evolution of the English language. Is it any wonder that social media is also impacting law firms? How, you ask?


One way that social media is impacting law firms is by providing another avenue of evidence gathering. Just as employers and law enforcement scrutinize an individual’s Facebook profile or Twitter feed, so can attorneys too. Social networks can be rich treasure troves of information related to an incredibly wide range of things, from adultery to hate crimes and even murder. Both prosecuting and defense attorneys can use these platforms for evidence gathering, as well.


Social media is providing law firms with new and innovative solutions for marketing. Facebook’s ad platform is one of the most evolved in the world and allows attorneys to target their audience through in-depth segmentation to maximize reach while minimizing cost. Of course, each social network has its own advertising tools and systems, but all of them can help you cast a wider net.

Locating/Serving Parties

Locating witnesses and serving parties can be very challenging for law firms. Social media makes those tasks simpler. Many people put their entire lives online and attorneys can sift through that information to find locations, connect with individuals, and conduct interviews online.

Juror Vetting

Another way that social media has changed things for law firms is by providing additional juror vetting tools. It is now possible to use Facebook, Twitter, and other networks to pick jurors, or to have them excused from a case due to their espoused views or actions.


Finally, social media is providing a powerful tool to help attorneys network with others in their field. With sites like LinkedIn, it has become easier for legal professionals to connect with one another, learn from one another, benefit from specific areas of expertise, and more.

Social media has an immense impact on law firms, and that impact is only going to increase over time as more people come to rely on social networks.