Growth of Robotics in Small Business

growth-of-robotics-in-small-businessPeople often joke about robots taking over the world one day, but those jokes have inched closer and closer to reality over the course of the past few decades as the growth of robotics in small business really takes off. While we likely won’t have to deal with Terminator-style robots anytime soon, there have been changes to the way that businesses, including small businesses, work thanks to the rise of robots.

Arrival of robotics in small business

The growth of robotics in small business has arrived sooner than many people may have anticipated. There are various types of automation technologies that are coming to the workplace on the smaller scale, and there will be ramifications for both the employers and the employees.

According to research from PwC in the UK, there will likely be a continual influx of robotic devices and AI (artificial intelligence) coming to the workplace over the next decade or so. They predict that by 2030, robots could be handling about 38% of the jobs in the United States alone.

When people discuss robotics in the workplace, they often think about how the use of robots could improve productivity and reduce labor costs for large enterprises. It also has the potential to improve predictability in operations. However, large companies are certainly not the only ones who will be affected by robots. The growth of robotics in small business will change those smaller businesses, as well.

Some types of jobs are likely to be easier to automate than others, of course, and robots will not fully replace humans in the workplace. However, they can help with a range of manufacturing needs, for example. With the price of robotics and AI coming down, it means that more and more small businesses will be able to start using this type of technology in the coming years.

Small businesses will find that they can enjoy the same benefits as the larger companies, albeit on a smaller scale. It is a good idea for small businesses to at least start considering ways that they might be able to add robotics to their workplace in the coming years. It helps to make sure they can remain competitive, and it will add the infrastructure needed to keep the value of the business high if they decide to sell in the future.

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