Azure Cloud Apps

Enterprises are adopting cloud technology at a growing pace. In fact, a recent LinkedIn Cloud Security Spotlight report, which contains insights from over 250,000 respondents, found that 71 percent of respondents are planning to or have already implemented a cloud environment.

When seeking opportunities to migrate to the cloud, one area of opportunity is cloud apps. Azure is Microsoft’s cloud-based app platform for developing, managing and hosting applications on-site. But what are the benefits, and does it make sense for your company?

Here are five reasons to use Azure for cloud apps:

  1. Scalability and flexibility. When using Azure cloud apps, you are able to easily create apps that run reliably and scale easily, whether you have 10 users or 10 million – without adding more coding. Storage is also scalable and secure in the cloud.
  2. Pricing model benefits. Using a cloud solution reduces overall cost as compared to building and expanding on-premises resources. Administration costs are lower, and pricing is based on actual consumption. You’re paying an hourly fee depending on the size of the instance for Azure computing services.
  3. Enhanced security. Despite the sharp surge in cloud adoption, nearly half of respondents in the LinkedIn Spotlight report say that cloud security is a barrier to adoption. The .Net Access Control Service of Azure provides a method for integrating identifiers and security assertion markup language tokens used by applications to safeguard access.
  4. Data center in the cloud. SQL Azure offers companies the ability to access enterprise-class data centers without the extra work of maintaining this type of entity. As a result, you benefit from a high level of availability and reliability, with copies of data and automatic failover. Backing up data yourself is no longer a worry.
  5. Interoperability. Azure offers the ability to develop hybrid applications. On-premises applications can also use cloud services, such as cloud database and storage services. Communication works easily between on-premises applications, the cloud and mobile devices.


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