7 Powerful Tasks That SMBs Can Do Better in the Cloud

The adoption of cloud technology is growing with all businesses, but especially with small and midsize businesses.

Already, 37 percent of SMBs have adopted this technology, but what’s more, adoption is forecasted to reach 80 percent by 2020.

Lower cost, flexibility and increased collaboration are all top reasons for adoption, but specific applications grant powerful capabilities to SMBs.

Check out these seven tasks that SMBs can do better in the cloud to supercharge your business this year:

Customer relationship management. Relationships are at the core of business success, and CRM helps to organize, track and manage those relationships strategically. CRM in the cloud, however, provides you that access anytime, anywhere – whether your team is on the road or working at their home offices.

Customer support. Once you find that great new client, you need to provide support that keeps the client excited about your business. Cloud-based online ticket support allows you to capture and manage customer feedback in the cloud, with greater efficiency and responsiveness.

Attracting and hiring talent. Finding the best person for a position is a time-consuming task, but cloud-based applications streamline critical tasks – saving time and money. Cloud tools can do everything from posting multiple job listings at once to tracking each step in the hiring process, with greater detail so that no important step is missed.

Working with contractors. Many SMBs are using independent contractors to complete a variety of tasks for their businesses. Cloud tools such as Microsoft 365 allow you to collaborate easily with those individuals to share documents and data seamlessly.

Holding meetings. A couple of decades ago, in-person meetings were the norm, and while having that face-to-face contract is desirable, cloud-based video conferences remove location-related obstacles when working with people in geographically diverse locations. Clear video, audio and collaboration abilities create experiences that are more interactive and seamless.

Payroll-related tasks. Whether you’re paying employees or freelancers, completing payroll is a complicated job with changing tax laws and regulations. Online cloud solutions are updated frequently, so they provide the most up-to-date rules and software to stay compliant and efficient.

Cloud backup. Data is a company’s most valuable asset. In fact, 45 percent of SMBs surveyed said they had experienced data loss and 14 percent were never able to restore their business information. Plus, according to FEMA, more than 40 percent of small businesses never reopen after a disaster. Cloud backup provides greater business continuity and resiliency for unplanned events.

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