5 Major Barriers to Cloud Migration and How to Overcome Them

Barriers to Cloud Migration

The adoption of cloud-based technologies has rapidly increased over the past few years, and for good reason. Eighty percent of businesses that migrate to the cloud report significant improvements within the first six months.

But despite this fact, many companies are still unsure if the benefits of cloud are right for their business.

Here are five major barriers to cloud adoption and how to overcome them within your organizations:

Security. Many SMBs are deeply concerned about security. They are worried that if they put data into the cloud, it will be less secure than their current on-premise solution. However, today’s solutions are highly secure and provide excellent business continuity in the event of an unexpected disaster. Ask about preventive security for potential solutions and how these solutions can enhance security and boost efficiency for your business.

Lack of trust in the solution. The solution that you’re currently using may be functional and get the job done. But at the same time, you know that a cloud-based product could provide greater efficiency and savings. Ask an MSP provider about the value of each solution. What are the benefits and how does it compare to your on-premise solution? Have similar clients used this solution and what have been the results? Understand the answers to these questions and that will help build trust with a new potential solution.

Getting management on board. You have identified the best cloud-based solution, reviewed the proven benefits and know that it’s the best way forward, but there is one problem: everybody is not on board. Maybe the existing solution works fine, and other members of the management team are resistant to change. Working with an MSP can assist with truly understanding the benefits of a new solution and creating a case for implementing that solution for your business.

Ongoing costs. The cost structure of cloud-based solutions is different, but this is usually a benefit. In fact, 82 percent of businesses report savings upon moving to the cloud. So while it’s true that you pay an ongoing monthly cost, this saves you the initial upfront capital expenditure.

Internal staff. Balancing staff with IT demands is always a challenge and may trigger the question “Do we have enough internal staff to learn and manage this new solution?” This is where an MSP partner can be a great resource because they truly understand the solution and can serve as a resource to help minimize demands on existing staff during adoption and maintenance of the new solution.

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