The Monitor of the Future is Just Around the Corner

monitor of the futureWith the focus on cloud computing, cybersecurity, and work-from-home, it’s easy to ignore the one piece of computer hardware we absolutely can not live without — the computer monitor. You may be interested to know that the monitor of the future is just around the corner.

The Monitor is No Longer “Furniture”

It wasn’t long ago that the computer monitor on your desk was nearly as big as a piece of furniture — essentially a bulky, very heavy, color television set.  With a screen that measured 17-inches diagonally, the computer monitor tended to occupy one-third of the space on most office desks, and it had a measurable impact on electrical usage and HVAC costs in the workplace.

Eventually flat panel monitors replaced these heat generating monsters, but aside from improvements in screen resolution and graphics capabilities, not much has changed in recent years.

At Least the Footprint is Smaller

Now the day has come when monitors are being discussed and getting much-deserved attention. The truth is that the modern monitors that are soon to be placed in offices and homes around the globe are filled with new features. You can expect to soon work with a monitor that acts as a central hub for an office, your home, or your home office.

Most people don’t think much about their monitors provided they’re working properly — if your employees can see their documents, applications, and graphics on the screen, they use the monitor and then move on, without giving it much thought. But as technology advances, the computer monitor we know today may finally become an item that increases productivity.

Get Ready for a New Interface

The monitor of the future will replace the keyboard as the primary method of inputting data. Coupled with voice recognition, gesture recognition, and 3-D scanning capabilities, the monitor will take its place as the primary computer interface.

New aspect ratios will let users look at documents in new ways, while higher resolutions will provide versatility for those who need it most. Equipped with their own 5G cellular abilities, these devices will be wireless as well. Since they won’t need to be tethered to a single spot, they can take advantage of a more compact and thinner design.

The Future of Monitors

The future of monitors may change the way people work and live their lives on a daily basis. Expect to see thinner monitors with exciting software and hardware that connects to the Internet and lets you get the job done in the best way for you. It could be a change that revolutionizes the office — again!

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