Not Your Mama’s Virus

computer virusPeople say Willie Sutton used to rob banks “because that’s where the money is.”

When it comes to your business, “the money” resides in the digital data on your computer systems and networks.

Your problem is there is a totally new, super sophisticated class of coding that hackers have developed to get around your core security technologies of firewalls and antivirus software.

This means today the greatest threat to your computer systems is no longer what your Mama used to warn might be a computer virus.  For instance, ransomware and other dangerous code are hidden more often in emails that appear as legitimate messages from trustworthy sources – your bank, internet provider, and even…  your boss.

Breaching a traditional firewall has become so passé.

But that is not all.  Hackers want to hit you when your emotional defenses are down – in social media.  Personally and/or in business you may have favorite social media sites.  Now they are a point of increasing vulnerability.

What should you do?

Confirm the safety of your networks and digital data.  If you need to better secure your networks and digital assets, then develop a plan.

Here is one risk WCA Technologies is addressing more often after IT security assessments:

Smart organizations, particularly those who have been burned by a hacker, are now implementing cyber threat monitoring tools.  Part of these defenses identify social engineering attacks that are proliferating across social media networks, and other apps.

The Ponemon Institute recently completed a survey of 591 IT and security professionals.  The conclusions include 79% of businesses lack comprehensive security strategies and technologies to stop these rapidly evolving security threats.

Survey respondents described their security processes for internet and social media monitoring as non-existent (38 percent), ad hoc (23 percent) or inconsistently applied throughout the enterprise (18 percent).

A single security breach is estimated to cost an organization $3.5 million.

And yet, 83 percent of respondents believe their organizations fails to effectively monitor the Internet and social media activities of their people.  There is insufficient risk awareness (50 percent), lack of knowledgeable staff (45 percent), and lack of technologies and tools (43 percent).

Unfortunately these types of attacks now total 30 percent of all external threats on your organization and continue to grow rapidly.

Yet only 17 percent of the survey respondents confirm they have a thorough security defenses and formal processes applied consistently across their entire enterprise.

It is enough to make a CEO, board of directors, or shareholder scream.

Because multiple forms of malware are now attacking your organization, new types of IT security need to be implemented, maintained, and monitored.  Antivirus and firewalls still play a critical role, but they are no longer effective as a complete security strategy.

Here are some of the key areas of protection, monitoring, and tracking that need your attention immediately:

  • Mobile apps
  • Social engineering activity or reconnaissance
  • Cyber incidents
  • Branded exploits
  • Speak-phishing
  • General phishing scams
  • Phishing IP addresses
  • Malicious mobile app details
  • Rogue domain data
  • Wicked Twitter handles


The facts are clear, but many businesses prefer to leave their organizations at risk.  Why?

  • Leaders agree the threats are real, but refuse to prioritize security.
  • Internal or existing contract IT resources confirm the scope of these threats are beyond their capabilities, but do not want to give up control of any portion of their IT environment.
  • Operations folks hesitate to outsource their part-time security needs to people more qualified in those areas than internal or existing contract IT staff.


Unfortunately these responses are exactly what hackers want.  These organizations remain exposed to risks and costs that are often 50-100X the amount of investment in proper IT security would be.

What can you find out at no cost?

First, get the right set of eyes and brains assessing the risks to your organization.

WCA Technologies is a reputable, 28-year-old Manhattan team of computer experts providing IT security and managed services.  We have protected New York City businesses and nonprofits from cyber hackers for decades.

Let’s talk – without “the meter running.”

Second, why not let us give you a full IT security assessment at no charge?  No risk.  No cost.  Confirm your digital assets are secure BEFORE you have to explain a security breach to your boss, board of directors, and/or shareholders.

CONFIRM YOUR RISK, IF ANY:  For a limited time WCA will give you a complete security assessment of your technology environment at no charge.

Contact WCA online or call (212) 642-0980 to schedule a conversation with Peter Fidler, one of our founders.