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Why Did We Get Hacked?

I just want to know, why did we get hacked? I met a successful lawyer recently who was upset because one of her clients had been hacked.  (It’s not just her clients that are getting hacked.)  She moaned, “I just want to know WHY this happened.” Good question. So how did I respond?  I asked […]

Résumé Attacks

Are you hiring? Should you worry about clicking on an attachment of a job candidate because it might contain a virus or other type of malware (résumé attacks)? Yes, you should. First reported by Barracuda in a blog post about six weeks ago it appears criminals are expanding their efforts to use the growth of […]

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

We dare you to confirm your company is secure in the 7 most vulnerable areas hackers seek to breech. Don’t miss this opportunity to quickly confirm your organization has taken the most important steps to security your sensitive data and CASH. You have to really “lock things down” with proper technology and policies, or it […]

Not Your Mama’s Virus

People say Willie Sutton used to rob banks “because that’s where the money is.” When it comes to your business, “the money” resides in the digital data on your computer systems and networks. Your problem is there is a totally new, super sophisticated class of coding that hackers have developed to get around your core […]