3 Types of SaaS Management that May Help Your Business


SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is an essential part of many businesses today. Paying for software by subscription, rather than making a large capital purchase upfront, has many advantages. If you are considering the advantages of SaaS for your business or organization, remember to make certain your SaaS applications are well managed. This is something your IT Services company can do for you. The best managed service providers (MSPs) will help you with your managed network, managed communications, and managed SaaS resulting in a full-featured business technology solution.

Types of SaaS Management Solutions Available Today

When it comes to SaaS management, there are three (3) levels of care you ought to consider.

These include:

Basic SaaS Support

Basic SaaS Support may be right for you if your organization is larger, you manage the firm’s IT in-house, and you’re simply looking for software advice and occasional support. An MSP that supports you at this level will have breadth and depth of software knowledge that you can benefit from when it comes time to making software subscription decisions. This level of support, however, would be insufficient for a small-to-medium size organization.

A SaaS Audit

A SaaS audit is a discovery process that permits an MSP to determine the applications already in use and how your organization may benefit from realigning, or supplementing, those applications. After completing a SaaS audit, recommendations can be made about how to reduce security risks and increase operational ability. This is often the best place for a small-to-medium size organization to begin taking control of their software needs.

Managed SaaS

After a SaaS audit, managed SaaS services are frequently the best next step. Having an MSP handle your SaaS applications can not only assist with saving money, but also eliminate the threat of Shadow IT, a significant risk for many businesses today. A managed SaaS environment means fewer operational breakdowns and fewer security issues to worry about. Managed SaaS is for business owners, partners, and department heads who want peace of mind.

With managed SaaS, you have the best solutions working for you!