How to Manage Your IT Network

Internal Resources vs. External Partner — Which is Best?

The IT network is critical to business success. And if you’re like most companies, you start out maintaining this infrastructure in-house, yet at some point you question this strategy. Does it really make sense to manage your IT network by yourself?

Your existing team may be overloaded, or perhaps you’re simply having trouble finding talent with the right skills. Regardless of the reason, transitioning to an external partner to manage your network often makes sense.

Here are five benefits to consider when making a decision:

  1. Less downtime. When working with an external partner, such as a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you may be able to secure a service level agreement which specifies the uptime you can expect from the contract. This is a huge benefit when it comes to your network. You will feel greater peace of mind knowing that you’ll experience less downtime, and when it does occur your provider will be available to minimize that downtime.
  2. Best practices. A provider that specializes in handling networks is highly skilled in that specific area. They can look at your current network and make recommendations for improvement, identify areas of weakness and come to the table with effective solutions.
  3. Potential cost savings. Not every company requires the same situation. Some companies may already have internal IT staff in place. An MSP provider can augment your existing staff, allowing them to refocus energy on higher-priority projects. For a company with limited or no staff specializing in IT, having an expert at your side can generate potential savings, less downtime and greater efficiencies.
  4. Stronger business continuity. Business continuity is always highly important to businesses of all sizes. When transitioning from managing a network internally to having external support, you can tap into additional strength in this area. The MSP provider may provide additional solutions or put safeguards in place to add additional levels of security.
  5. Economies of scale and specialization. Tapping into the exact skills that you need for network management can be difficult and expensive when employing full-time staff members. However, when you transition into a partnership with an expert, you get access to the exact skills that you need at a fraction of the cost.


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