IT Support for New York Nonprofits: Why Teaming-Up Makes Sense

New York nonprofits benefit by teaming-up with IT support specialists

As a nonprofit, you’re likely working diligently to engage and retain donors while striving to maintain sustainability and fulfill your mission. And at times, you might feel that resources are spread too thin. When this happens, you may wonder, “How can I make our existing resources go further so we can better serve those we set out to help?”.

IT Support for New York Nonprofits

One area of opportunity for nonprofits is partnering with an external IT provider for IT support and consulting. For one, it can make your resources go further. But it also leverages the experience and efficiencies of an experienced partner, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your mission.

Here are five reasons why teaming-up with a New York IT provider may make sense for your nonprofit organization:

Cost savings. Using an external resource (versus having a dedicated internal staff) often produces savings. For starters, you don’t need to invest heavily in training and development, because an external partner has a team of experts who are up to date on new technologies and experienced specifically with nonprofits.

More efficient outreach. A large part of what nonprofits do is reach out to the community; they also work to partner with other organizations. When you work with an IT provider, you’re able to accomplish this more efficiently, with systems that are stable and reliable.

Expands your valuable proposition. Deciding which type of technology to purchase, or update, can be an overwhelming decision. But when you work with a dedicated technology partner that has experience in the nonprofit sector, you can access technology that will expand your value proposition to those you serve.

Systems are monitored 24/7. If you employ a full-time IT staff, they require vacations, holidays and potential sick days. But with an external partner, you don’t need to worry about interrupted coverage, as the external partner provides monitoring and help 24/7. And when fixes are required, your external partner can often install them remotely, around the clock.

Risk for implementing new technology is reduced. There are times when your nonprofit may want to invest in new technologies. And doing this in-house can be time-intensive as staff works to implement and install the new infrastructure. In contrast, an external partner can handle these tasks, which saves money and eliminates the risk of wasting time and resources.

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