The Microsoft Internet Explorer Fix and Why Proactive IT Support Can Help

IE11 LogoIn business and in your personal life, you likely use the Internet every day to get things done. And like many types of technology, there’s always a fear that hackers will somehow capture your information, exploit it, and cause you unnecessary stress and frustration. So naturally, when experts discovered that Internet Explorer (IE) — which is used by more than half of all Internet browser users — had security flaws, many businesses were on edge.

Vulnerability and Security Issues

The IE security problem opened the virtual floodgates for potential hackers to use Adobe Flash content, websites, or even simple emails to bait users into clicking on malicious and harmful HTML code. Once the user clicked on the code, the hacker could easily download malicious software onto the user’s computer – and get complete control, gathering the information required to access programs and networks. Fortunately, Microsoft did release a patch on May 1, 2014, to resolve the problem in IE for versions 6 through 11. But how can you safeguard your systems from this problem and potential future issues?

Protecting Your Systems From Hacks

While it’s true that Microsoft released a patch, there was some confusion among users – should you manually install the patch, or would your system update automatically? For users who already have automatic updates turned on in their settings, the security patch installed automatically. But if you do not have automatic updates turned on, you would have had to manually install the patch yourself.

In situations like these, it’s helpful to have proactive IT support already in place. Proactive IT service providers know what to do – and they can immediately resolve any issues that might arise. Don’t forget a few basic safety tips:

  • Don’t click on embedded links within emails unless you know the source
  • Avoid clicking “yes” for an unfamiliar update, unless you know what it’s for
  • If you’ve done something you fear might put your computer at risk, reach out to an IT provider for help

Off-loading the IT responsibility, especially when it comes to security, ensures that your employees will stay productive, systems will work around the clock, and you will enjoy peace of mind. As a result, you can focus on what matters most: operating smoothly and growing your business!