Understanding the Basics of Edge Computing

Understanding the Basics of Edge Computing

Edge computing is relatively new, but it has become very important in that short period of time. This type of computing will allow data that is gathered and processed through Internet of Things devices to be closer to the creation point. This means that it will no longer have to send data across to distant data centers or clouds.

The main benefit of edge computing is that it will then allow for organizations to analyze their data faster. In fact, they are able to analyze the data in near to real time. This can provide benefits for a range of industries, including the healthcare field and manufacturing.

In the past, when organizations were trying to get their data from the Internet of Things, the devices that they had out “in the wild”,would be collected in large amounts. All of that data would then be sent to the cloud for processing. However, edge computing makes it all simpler for you. Part of the data is processed locally, which will reduce the amount of traffic that is traveling to the repository. Data is essentially processed at the edge.

According to IDC, a research company, this type of technology uses a mesh network of micro data centers that process or store critical data locally, and push all received data to a central data center or cloud storage repository. This happens in a footprint of less than 100 square feet.

Edge computing is capable of helping in a range of situations. It is helpful when there are IoT devices that have poor connections, for example. In those cases, it may not be efficient to have the devices constantly connected to the cloud. However, with edge computing, it will allow for data to still be processed properly.

Many feel that security in edge computing is better than transferring all of the data, since that information doesn’t travel over the network. However, others feel that the security could be compromised because the devices themselves could be vulnerable.

Overall though, edge computing is helping organizations to get the important information and data they need faster than ever before.