Can Technology Boost Productivity

Five unexpected ways that technology can boost productivity

The quest to increase productivity is an old problem, but today the solutions to that problem look much different. New technologies are shattering the limits on what productivity looks like, with solutions that were thought to be impossible in the past — even just a decade ago.

But how is technology improving efficiency, and how can you apply that technology to your business?

Check out these five unexpected ways that technology can boost productivity:

  1. Connecting disconnected workforces. Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) think that since employees are working in the same office, they’re connected. Yet work can be fragmented and collaboration nonexistent, even when people are working a few feet away from each other. Technology tools, such as Microsoft 365, allow employees to work together with a new level of transparency, whether they’re working in the same office or remotely. In fact, cloud solutions decrease small-business workload by at least 42 percent.
  2. Experiencing the benefits of greater organization. Have you ever spent time looking for a document or specific piece of data? On a daily basis that time may not seem like much, but it adds up over time. Technology streamlines these inefficiencies, allowing employees to recapture lost time and boost productivity.
  3. Increasing availability and responsiveness. New technologies have allowed employees to stay connected. New features, such as phone systems that send voicemail to email, keep business moving while cutting out small bits of wasted time each day.
  4. Dealing with crisis planning and drills more efficiently. Unexpected events are unnerving for SMBs; however, technology allows businesses to prepare and stay connected in real time during those unplanned events.
  5. Connecting with experts. Many SMBs get stuck on technology, doing everything in-house and spreading resources too thin. A partnership with an MSP allows SMBs the peace of mind of knowing they’re using the right technology, and that technology is optimized for greater productivity. A specialist can see the bigger picture and make sure all the technology pieces are doing what the business needs most.

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