Cloud Consolidation with Microsoft Office 365

Cloud Consolidation

How many cloud vendors do you currently use?

If the answer is more than one, you may have a huge opportunity. There is a hidden cost for each additional cloud vendor that you add – and those costs add up fast, even if you don’t see them immediately.

Consolidating all cloud functions into a single platform provides a large productivity boost. But can it truly work for your organization?

Here are a few reasons why cloud consolidation is smart for businesses using the cloud:

Simplified Vendor Management

For each new cloud service that your company adopts, there are associated paperwork and contracts to manage, and someone must take responsibility for those technology assets, which is usually the IT team. Using one cloud platform instead of several, however, gives that time back to your IT team, freeing them to complete other tasks and enjoy greater productivity. As a result, you can foster greater innovation and profitability in the organization.

More Effective Governance Management

Using several different cloud platforms doesn’t mean they will all integrate seamlessly together. And this creates a challenge as data becomes trapped and unable to flow freely between cloud products. As a result, staff can’t collaborate as easily and the power of data is lost.

In addition, employees may be using free cloud tools for some tasks. The problem is that your IT staff may not know that the free tools are being used and so they are essentially “ghost tools,” with IT having no control over them. Plus, when the employee leaves, you run the risk of losing valuable data.

Using Office 365 instead of several different options allows data to flow freely and reduces risk.

Minimizing Redundancy and Improving Efficiency

Overlap may occur when using several different cloud services. A few of the products may serve the same function, when in fact, using a single cloud option would more effectively boost productivity. In addition, employees no longer need to be confused or fragmented about which product they’re using to complete tasks when there is more than one choice. Microsoft Office 365 provides a variety of functions, so staff can get more accomplished with one single and consolidated cloud suite.

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