How to Maximize Mobile Security

maximize mobile security

Major security breaches make news headlines, however SMBs know that being smaller does not provide adequate protection from those threats. The majority of businesses (85 percent) said they had moderate risk from mobile security threats, yet only 14 percent of small businesses have basic mobile security in place.

While nothing is 100 percent effective, the goal is to lower the risk for organizations and make it hard for bad actors to breach security systems. What can you do to minimize risk, protect data, and maximize mobile security?

Here are a few helpful tips for getting started in mobile security:

Understand the role of BYOD. Mobile devices and tablets in the workplace make security more complex. What’s more, many SMBs do not have the proper security measures in place to minimize the evolving risks that mobile brings to business. Clear instruction must be given so employees understand what data should and should not be stored on mobile devices, what devices they can use — and that adequate password protection is in place.

Know the risk for evolving threats. New mobile security risks are constantly evolving as hackers attempt to gain access to sensitive data. One such risk is voice software, which is included in most new technology. For example, if an iPhone has Siri enabled, a potential hacker could use electronic radio waves to trigger voice commands and infiltrate a system. Developing a comprehensive mobile security solution helps manage evolving risks.

Avoid making mobile security compromises. A survey found that 32 percent of respondents admitted to sacrificing mobile security to improve business performance. While it may be tempting to tap into mobile technology quickly, taking a slow and calculated approach will help to properly evaluate risks.

Consider two-factor authentication for passwords. Two-factor authentication, which involves an extra layer of security, is used by only 38 percent of companies. However, adopting this process greatly helps minimize security risks. More on two-factor authentication »

Increase employee awareness with best practices and endpoint security. Employees are your first line of defense against security breaches. Once you adopt mobile policies, work with employees to communicate why those policies are so critical to security and empower them to help hold that first line of defense.

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