Is Storing My Password in the Browser Safe?

Password Security: Is Storing My Password in the Browser Safe?

Over half of U.S. adults have at least six password-protected accounts, according to Consumer Reports. And at the workplace, the stakes are even higher, with many accounts containing highly sensitive information. But how can you protect yourself? You may well be wondering, “Is storing my password in the browser safe?”.

In contrast to popular belief, some experts suggest that storing password information in your browser adds an extra layer of security. But how does this work, and what are the pros and cons?

Protecting Against Keyloggers

Keyloggers are a type of malware that carefully track each keystroke that you make — the websites you visit, usernames and password details. Once captured, the files are sent to a private server, where the person operating the malware can read all information typed.

This type of malware can even capture financial information, such as credit card details. For businesses, this translates to even higher stakes, as each keystroke contains business information and potential liabilities.

Storing Passwords: Could It Neutralize an Attack?

Storing passwords may disrupt an attack. Once your data is stored, the keystrokes that you make only yield partial information. A few letters of a username, password or other details are revealed, while the rest are missing. As a result, the attacker is left with a puzzle that can’t be put back together.

But some people argue that storing information in the browser opens up other vulnerabilities. For example, if a person can get access to your computer, the malware could potentially send saved information to the hacker. So what’s the best solution?

The best approach involves carefully weighing the pros and cons. As with many technology issues that involve safe and security, it pays to speak with an expert.

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