Managed IT Services Plus Local Support in New York City

Managed Services: Partnering With a New York City IT Company

Technology problems are frustrating because they not only waste valuable time, but they also trigger revenue loss. The reality is that most companies will experience technology challenges, so the resources you have in place to handle those issues will be a safety net.

In fact, companies face an average of three to four technology interruptions each year, resulting in over $26 billion in losses annually.

Whether you have an internal technology team in place or use outside providers for assistance, remote support has been a valuable asset for companies. But does it really matter if you partner with a local company?

Overloaded, Short on Time

Remote support is helpful in many situations; for example, consider the POS system that has crashed, paralyzing transaction processing and resulting in serious revenue loss during a business rush.

Internal technology resources can certainly help, but imagine that you don’t have any — or your existing staff is already overloaded. A remote team can handle these types of situations in a fast and cost-effective manner.

However, while it’s true that many situations can be handled remotely, there are times when an on-site presence is simply required. Using a local team bridges that gap seamlessly.

When More Than Remote Is Required

A company that provides a combination of remote and on-site assistance is cost-effective, and can also stay flexible enough to solve all potential technology challenges.

For example, you might need to connect new equipment, wire a network or handle a massive hardware failure.

A local partner can handle all of these on-site challenges and serve as a means for an already busy internal staff to off-load responsibilities. The local partner can also take over these types of tasks for companies that don’t have an internal team, as they rely on an outside partner to handle their technology needs.

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