NetDocumentsSecure Collaboration Just Got Easier!

Your employees and clients are often working in multiple locations across the country, and even around the world. In the past, you may have used email to share documents and collaborate on projects, but emailing documents can be fragmented and inefficient. So what’s the best way forward?

NetDocuments is a powerful cloud-based file share and collaboration solution that not only boosts efficiency but also provides substantial savings, all while ensuring maximum security and protection of your documents. NetDocuments has been the leader in cloud-based document management since 1999, helping firms to reduce costs and increase productivity with enterprise search, built-in disaster recovery, client, matter, and project-centric workspaces, and any time access on a modern platform that scales to both small and large firms alike.

Freedom and Security

With NetDocuments, you have the flexibility to access your files from anywhere, anytime. Easily create, edit, share and collaborate with others, while enjoying integration with Microsoft Office apps, such as Outlook. In addition, you can reduce time wasted searching for files, since NetDocuments allows you to organize folders based on clients or projects and quickly search content of your Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents as well as emails.

Best of all, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your work is backed up, secure and safe in a world-class data center.

Start Saving Today

Small to large businesses, law firms, financial services organizations and many others are able to save significantly by eliminating the hardware, systems, client software and ongoing administration of an on-premise solution. Start saving today, and make collaboration — no matter your location — easier than ever. For more information, call 212-642-0980 today.