Top 5 Reasons to Store Data in the Cloud

Data in the CloudHave you ever experienced a moment of panic when you lost an important file or your computer died unexpectedly? If this sounds familiar, you know that data loss isn’t just stressful — it’s also bad for customers and your business.

As the cloud gains popularity, many companies are taking the plunge and migrating to cloud-based storage options. Data storage in the cloud involves a collection of computers on the Internet “invisibly” backing up your files, reducing the risk of data loss when an unexpected event occurs, while at the same time making your data available to you anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

But you might be wondering, what are some other reasons to store data in the cloud, and does it make sense for my business?

Scalability, Anywhere Access, Protection from Loss

In the past, many companies grew accustomed to storing data on-site, but this is now changing. Businesses are migrating to the cloud for a variety of reasons – some of the most popular include:

  1. Scalability. You can easily expand the amount of storage available with cloud-based solutions. For example, as your company grows, so can your solution, without the large upfront capital expenditure associated with purchasing additional servers or storage devices.
  2. Reliable anywhere access. Employees are going mobile, and as this trend grows, employees need anywhere access. Cloud storage solutions, such as NetDocuments, make this possible by allowing you to quickly and effectively store and organize projects.
  3. Cost-effectiveness. Cloud solutions offer monthly fees that are manageable and predictable — no surprises.
  4. Data encryption. Many cloud-based solutions encrypt your data while it’s stored online, and some provide encryption during upload and download as well. The best cloud-based storage solutions are HIPAA compliant.
  5. Data protection. Data is, perhaps, your most valuable business asset. Cloud storage allows you to quickly and securely move your data into the cloud to keep it safe. It is often said that cloud storage is the first step in a solid disaster recovery plan.

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