Tiny Desktops and Carbon Laptops Leverage Technology to Increase Efficiency

Regardless of the business you are in, you’re likely seeking solutions for higher efficiency and increased productivity. For this reason, technology companies are constantly coming up with newer and more robust devices, to promote increased efficiency for your workplace and employees.

Lenovo has launched several interesting devices recently for businesses, including tiny desktops and carbon laptops. You might be wondering about the benefits of these technologies and if they can realistically make business operations smoother. Here is a quick breakdown.

Carbon Laptops: Indestructible, Secure and Intuitive Technology

With so many of your employees “tethered” to the office through devices, Lenovo has developed an interesting laptop solution: the carbon laptop. It offers a nice blend of security, durability and functionality.

The keyboard has gone “intuitive.” Lenovo has taken a new approach to the laptop with an intuitive adaptive keyboard. The carbon laptop automatically alters the row of function keys, based on the application you’re operating in.

It’s nearly indestructible. Lenovo’s carbon laptop is constructed using satellite-grade carbon fiber. The company performed several military specification tests, which include heat, cold, water, humidity, altitude and vibration, to ensure its durability.

Business-focused security. The carbon laptop has a fingerprint video and makes your fingerprint the password, along with security features that offer encryption of critical information.

Longer battery life. The carbon laptop has up to nine hours of battery life and, equally important, is equipped with a rapid charging ability that restores 80 percent of battery life within an hour.

Thin and lighter design. The carbon laptop technology is also very light, with the new X1 Carbon weighing just 2.83 pounds. It’s also thin, at just 0.7 inches.

Tiny Desktops: Flexible Fit, Faster Wireless and Energy Efficient

If you prefer a desktop solution for your office, but want flexibility and a compact design, the tiny desktops are an interesting and flexible option. The tiny desktop fits pretty much anywhere, because of its size, and has a reliable performance for businesses.

More energy efficient. The tiny desktops have energy-efficient certifications, such as ENERGY STAR 5.2, EPEATR GOLD, which means that it uses less energy and allows you to balance power consumption with performance.

Fast data transfer. Tiny desktops move data quickly, up to 10 times faster than previous USB technologies did.

Faster wireless experience. Tiny desktops include an advanced antenna design, which provides better signal reception and faster performance from your wireless connections.

Cool Technology. Tiny desktops include Intelligent Cooling Engine (ICE) 3.0, which results in a longer desktop life and fewer replacements in the near future.

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