Top 7 Reasons Companies Use File Sharing

It’s undeniable that we’re in the middle of a digital data explosion. In fact, the production of data is expanding at an astonishing pace, with experts predicting a 4,300 percent increase in annual data generated by 2020. With data production expected to be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009, businesses need efficient ways to share files with employees and external partners.

In the past, there were two primary methods for sharing files — send them as email attachments, or use FTP (file transfer protocol) servers. But with email, there are size limitations – either with the email itself, or with users’ Inboxes. FTP also poses challenges, requiring ongoing management that many businesses prefer to avoid.

However, in recent years there has emerged an alternative to handling the rapidly expanding amounts of data – and that’s cloud file sharing.

Cloud File Sharing Moves to Reality

The idea of cloud-based file sharing may have seemed “pie in the sky” several years ago. But today, this solution is being used by companies of all sizes – across all industries – to solve file sharing dilemmas. Here are some of the most compelling, and sometimes surprising, reasons why companies are making the shift.

Increased speed. Data is increasing faster than ever, and businesses need an efficient way to quickly share this data. File sharing helps businesses get the tasks done faster.

Employees are now “tethered.” Employees are working remotely – at home, in the airport, at the local coffee shop. File sharing allows them to access documents, even when they aren’t at the office, through website or mobile applications with a variety of solutions, such as Office 365.

More control over content. Cloud-based file sharing options have security built in, with different types of options, permission types, and settings available to protect valuable documents and information.

The elimination of “out of date” files. Along with greater control comes the elimination of old files, ensuring that employees and external partners are always viewing the most recent files – with the option to easily replace or delete files.

The ability to track. Most file sharing options have some element of tracking or reporting capabilities. With this ability, companies can view the file and user activity in real time but also manage ownership centrally.

Efficient alerting system. Alerts make it easy to know when files and documents are uploaded and ready for review, which also eliminates back-and-forth communication through email and other inefficiencies.

Endless storage space. Most file sharing solutions offer endless storage options for a modest monthly fee. This removes the challenges associated with many other file sharing options such as email.

The amount of data that your company will be managing in the future will only get larger. File sharing offers a solution for not only streamlining the process but also fostering more collaboration in the work environment.

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