Remote Teamwork Advantages

Who Benefits from Remote Teamwork? Even before COVID-19 was a part of life, remote teamwork was becoming more common for people in certain professions. With increasing Internet speeds and many more work tasks that could be done digitally, many employers were already taking advantage of remote teamwork as a way to access talent pools across […]

Post-Pandemic Goal Setting

Many businesses have been in maintenance mode for over a year as a result of the pandemic. Looking forward to 2022 brings visions of solid growth and a host of new services and products. It’s hard to say what trends we will see among small and medium-sized businesses, law firms, and not-for-profits as we move into […]

The Most Important Policies and Procedures to Implement in Your Organization Now

You’ve taken many steps to mitigate security risks for your organization. From using firewalls to ensuring that patches and updates are done on time and that antivirus software is running on all workstations, these steps help to prevent attacks and malicious software. But what are the most important policies and procedures to implement in your […]

How Are Digital Workplaces Impacting the Legal Industry?

The digital revolution is in full swing, making its mark on all industries. The legal industry is certainly no exception. How are digital workplaces impacting the legal industry? Consider the evolution of the digital workplace, beginning with a good definition. What Is a Digital Workplace? Defining “digital workplace” can be pretty challenging – there is […]

Can a Trusted Partner Help My Business?

Building a trusted partner relationship with another company is essential to maximizing your firm’s strength. This is true of relationships that are forged between friendly competitors, as well as those forged with a vendor/partner. When you build a trusted partner relationship, resource and information sharing, lowered costs, and increased brand awareness – when managed properly […]

How to Keep Your Law Firm, Not-for-Profit, or Business Safe

WCA Technologies President, Peter Fidler, talks with Vijilan’s Security Team Lead, Vincent D. Cosomano, in this exclusive one-to-one conversation on the topic of “Next Generation Security”. Find out what companies need to do in order to protect themselves from emerging threats in 2021 and beyond. This is an On-Demand Webinar — register and watch the […]

Why Your Business Must Have a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

If your organization has not yet experienced a cybersecurity event, it’s only a question of time. Size, industry, niche – none of these offer any protection from attackers today. To help reduce your risk and provide some level of protection, it’s critical to have a cybersecurity incident response plan in place. What Is a Cybersecurity […]

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Breaches

Data security has become more important than ever. Information is more valuable than money to today’s attackers, and they will exploit any chink in your armor in their drive to access it. IT companies need a suite of tools and techniques to help avoid security events and help businesses recover from breaches. Security Information and […]

Making Office365 More Secure: Hardening Steps to Know

Office365 – A Central Role in Your Business Chances are good that Microsoft Office365 plays a central role in your business. You probably use Word and Excel, send emails with Outlook, create presentations in PowerPoint, and brainstorm with Notes. It’s a truly handy set of productivity tools. However, it’s also a potential point of vulnerability […]

What Law Firms Are Doing to Re-Open: Part Two

A New Webinar from Circle Management Group and WCA Technologies On October 1st, learn about best practice for law firms that wish to re-open, including the heightened threat of Shadow IT. [This webinar has ended, however you can watch the recording now.] Why Should you Attend? While remote work is here to stay for the […]