How to Keep Your Law Firm, Not-for-Profit, or Business Safe

WCA Technologies President, Peter Fidler, talks with Vijilan’s Security Team Lead, Vincent D. Cosomano, in this exclusive one-to-one conversation on the topic of “Next Generation Security”. Find out what companies need to do in order to protect themselves from emerging threats in 2021 and beyond. This is an On-Demand Webinar — register and watch the […]

Why Your Business Must Have a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

If your organization has not yet experienced a cybersecurity event, it’s only a question of time. Size, industry, niche – none of these offer any protection from attackers today. To help reduce your risk and provide some level of protection, it’s critical to have a cybersecurity incident response plan in place. What Is a Cybersecurity […]

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Breaches

Data security has become more important than ever. Information is more valuable than money to today’s attackers, and they will exploit any chink in your armor in their drive to access it. IT companies need a suite of tools and techniques to help avoid security events and help businesses recover from breaches. Security Information and […]

Making Office365 More Secure: Hardening Steps to Know

Office365 – A Central Role in Your Business Chances are good that Microsoft Office365 plays a central role in your business. You probably use Word and Excel, send emails with Outlook, create presentations in PowerPoint, and brainstorm with Notes. It’s a truly handy set of productivity tools. However, it’s also a potential point of vulnerability […]

What Law Firms Are Doing to Re-Open: Part Two

A New Webinar from Circle Management Group and WCA Technologies On October 1st, learn about best practice for law firms that wish to re-open, including the heightened threat of Shadow IT. [This webinar has ended, however you can watch the recording now.] Why Should you Attend? While remote work is here to stay for the […]

Does AI Pose a Risk to My Business?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere around us today. From Siri and Alexa, to Amazon and everything in between, we now live in a world increasingly powered by algorithms. In most cases, that’s a good thing — using Siri can make it simpler and easier to plan your day and even to run your household, for […]

What Law Firms are Doing to Re-Open, Stay Safe and Maintain Secure Operations

[This webinar has already ended, however you can view the complete webinar recording here.] The risk of cyber-attacks skyrocketed when we were all forced to work from home. And, while many firms are choosing to remain remote, there are a growing number of law firms who are returning to the office. Please join Peter Fidler, […]

Do Law Firms Have Unique Security Requirements?

Cybersecurity is an important consideration for all industries today. That’s blatantly apparent in some instances – credit card companies and retailers that handle consumer financial information are routinely targeted by hackers, for instance. However, what about law firms? Do law firms have unique security requirements that entail specific solutions? Actually, they do. Unique IT Security […]

NetDocuments Solves Law Firm Governance Requirements

Proper governance is more important today than ever before. This is particularly true for large firms, including law firms. It is essential that the corporate governance structure is robust, and that the appropriate checks and balances are built in to ensure oversight and protection against fraud and abuse. NetDocuments helps to solve challenging law firm […]

Incident Response – Coronavirus

Our Incident Response Plan is currently in effect If you need any assistance whatsoever accessing your systems remotely or maintaining business continuity, please call our office at (212) 642-0980. We have resources available to help you. [Page Updated Sunday, March 22, 2020] WCA Technologies, Inc. COVID-19 Incident Response Plan – Update As per Governor Cuomo’s […]