What Is Meant by Technology Assisted Review?

It seems like software is taking on a larger and larger role within the legal industry. That is good news, too. Software can automate many mundane processes, saving law firms time, money, and effort. However, the influx can create some confusion, particularly in regard to terms used in reference to software-assisted processes. For instance, what […]

What Is Meant by Electronic Discovery?

Discovery is one of the most critical elements in any case, whether we’re discussing a criminal court case, civil litigation, a Freedom of Information Act, law suit, or similar situation. Today, electronic discovery, also called e-discovery, eDiscovery, and ediscovery, is playing a larger and larger role. How does electronic discovery differ from conventional discovery? The […]

Machine Learning in the Law Firm

You usually do not encounter a discussion of artificial intelligence without machine learning being mentioned. While AI is incredibly interesting, machine learning is arguably the more important of the two topics. What does machine learning have to do with your law firm? Let’s take a look. What Is Machine Learning? Machine learning is nothing more […]

Is Client Relationship Important to Your Firm?

In the past, it was enough that law firms met client expectations. If this goal was achieved, the client would usually return when they required additional services. In some cases, they might even keep the law firm on retainer. However, things are changing today. It is no longer enough to simply meet expectations. You must […]

How Social Media Impacts Law Firms

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have changed the way that people communicate, how businesses advertise, influenced the evolution of the English language. Is it any wonder that social media is also impacting law firms? How, you ask? Evidence One way that social media is impacting law firms is by providing another avenue […]

How Does Technology Impact Legal Strategy?

At first glance, the legal field doesn’t seem as replete with technology as other industries. However, technology is just as present here as it is anywhere else, and it is having major impacts on legal strategy and other areas. Discovery/E-Discovery One of the more visible ways that technology is affecting legal strategy and other areas […]

How Cloud and Mobile Computing Benefit Law Firms

Cloud connectivity and mobile computing offer benefits to just about every industry on the planet. No doubt you’ve heard about how the cloud can help retailers connect with their customers, and how mobile computing can help consumers enjoy better experiences. However, do these technologies have any benefits for law firms? Actually, there are quite a […]

How Can Technology Assist in Preparing Legal Arguments?

Technology is radically changing the world in which we live. The legal industry has traditionally been slow to adopt new technology, this area is being changed, and the pace of that change is accelerating. For instance, today technology can actually play a role in preparing legal arguments. It is unlikely that AI will replace attorneys; […]