Are Analytics Useful in Selecting Outside Counsel?

Despite the fact that your business has in-house legal expertise, there will likely come a time when it’s necessary to select outside counsel. This can be a very challenging process. Too often, the decision is made based on guesswork, or because one particular law firm was more affordable than another, with little thought given to […]

Can Your Law Firm Benefit from Agile Working?

Mobile computing and cloud technology have had an incredible impact on human society. That includes the legal industry, where agile working is becoming more and more common. Agile methodology has been used in fields like mobile app development and CMS (Content Management System) design and development, but can it benefit your law firm? The answer […]

Artificial Intelligence and Law Firms

Can AI be used by today’s law firms? Absolutely. In fact, the argument can be made that any law firm not already making use of the capabilities and benefits delivered by artificial intelligence has already fallen by the wayside. However, before we can discuss that, we’ll need to know a few other things. What Is […]

What Technology Trends Are Present in Dispute Resolution?

The process of dispute resolution has not really changed over the course of human history. It is still the process of finding a solution to a problem or challenge that arises between two or more parties. However, the tools, techniques, and technologies involved have changed and will continue to do so. Currently, there are several […]

What Opportunities Does Cybersecurity Bring?

Digital evolution has brought a wide range of benefits to law firms. It is now commonplace to use video meetings to reduce travel time. Attorneys on different sides of the country can collaborate digitally. Evidence-gathering and even juror vetting have improved thanks to social media. However, not all changes related to digital technology are positive. […]

Understanding the Basics of Edge Computing

Edge computing is relatively new, but it has become very important in that short period of time. This type of computing will allow data that is gathered and processed through Internet of Things devices to be closer to the creation point. This means that it will no longer have to send data across to distant […]

Understanding National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Each October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and in 2019, it will be going into its 16th year. This collaboration between industries and the government is an initiative to help raise awareness about just how important cybersecurity is in the world we live in today. The goal is to help more people in the United […]

Start Using Technology to Enhance Customer Experience

You want your customers to be happy, because you know that happy customers will mean that they are more apt to buy – and to keep buying – from you. Therefore, you need to find ways that you can continue to improve and enhance the overall customer experience for them. With technology being so important […]