Can Desktop Virtualization Help Your Business?

Desktop Virtualization and Citrix Remote Access The workplace as we know it has changed. An annual survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management found that the number of companies offering telecommuting is growing faster than any other benefit, according to the New York Times. In fact, telecommuting has risen by 79 percent between […]

How to Prepare for Business Continuity

Business Continuity: Are You Prepared? Companies are increasingly dependent on technology, which is making the need for business continuity higher than ever. While most companies understand the need for a plan, what may be surprising is the potential financial risk: outages of less than 20 minutes can cost an organization more than $1 million, according […]

Tiny Desktops and Carbon Laptops Leverage Technology to Increase Efficiency

Regardless of the business you are in, you’re likely seeking solutions for higher efficiency and increased productivity. For this reason, technology companies are constantly coming up with newer and more robust devices, to promote increased efficiency for your workplace and employees. Lenovo has launched several interesting devices recently for businesses, including tiny desktops and carbon […]

Sage Timeslips

Reclaim Lost Billable Hours and Drive Profitability Higher with Sage Timeslips Most service providers will agree that billable hours are among the company’s most valuable resources. But informal systems, such as taking simple notes or having limited tracking ability through existing software, interfere with your ability to capture all billable hours. And naturally, this erodes […]

How to Capture All of Your Billable Hours

Practice Management: Are You Capturing All Your Billable Hours? For many practices, billable hours are among their most valuable resources. Some companies track these hours by taking simple handwritten notes or using the limited time-tracking functions of their existing accounting software. But are these methods enough — or could you be losing billable hours? Oftentimes, […]

Top 5 Reasons to Store Data in the Cloud

Have you ever experienced a moment of panic when you lost an important file or your computer died unexpectedly? If this sounds familiar, you know that data loss isn’t just stressful — it’s also bad for customers and your business. As the cloud gains popularity, many companies are taking the plunge and migrating to cloud-based storage […]


Secure Collaboration Just Got Easier! Your employees and clients are often working in multiple locations across the country, and even around the world. In the past, you may have used email to share documents and collaborate on projects, but emailing documents can be fragmented and inefficient. So what’s the best way forward? NetDocuments is a […]

The Microsoft Internet Explorer Fix and Why Proactive IT Support Can Help

In business and in your personal life, you likely use the Internet every day to get things done. And like many types of technology, there’s always a fear that hackers will somehow capture your information, exploit it, and cause you unnecessary stress and frustration. So naturally, when experts discovered that Internet Explorer (IE) — which is […]